We are in need of talented people from all walks of life. We need bike mechanics, especially those who identify as poc, woman, trans, and other under served communities.

We also need help with outreach, social media, youth development and many other talents that you or your organization bring expertise.

There are three ways to join Bicis Del Pueblo:
As an individual, Organization or a Sponsor.


We are seeking a communications/marketing intern for the coming months.  Please read the full posting here and apply via out email -- and follow us on instagram and twitter to find out more about our project.

  • Bicis is open to both youth and adults. Come to an open workshop, help us with outreach, join or organize a ride, teach a class or skill learning session, invite us to an event, or sign-up for the "Earn-a-Bici" program
  • Bicis has partnered with various organization to help in the mission of Bicis. Get in contact with us to collaborate with your organization on an event such as a ride, wrench session, class or workshop.
  • As Bicis grows we are looking to partner and be supported financially by organizations and other interested parties