Bicis Del Pueblo is a community-based bike project that works in towards providing low-income youth and families in the Excelsior District with the knowledge, tools, and resources to incorporate bicycles into their everyday lives. The project provides Excelsior community members access to quality used bicycles, repair trainings, safety education, community riding events, and bike repair skills. We increase skills and confidence by teaching hands-on bike safety and repair lessons in culturally and linguistically appropriate methods. Bicis del Pueblo fosters a community of collaboration by creating partnerships with local public schools and CBO’s.

Bicis Del Pueblo is an organization managed by PODER that addresses transportation dependency of low-income transit dependent residents of the Excelsior District of San Francisco. All of our efforts are part of our effort to build a movement of safe cyclists in the Excelsior District. Biceps Del Pueblo is interested in supporting the city wide biking community and more specifically the biking community of the Excelsior District. We accomplish our goals through four projects:

  • Bicis Del Pueblo has developed a "Earn-a-Bici" program where individuals in the neighborhood can earn a bike by working 15 hours of bike mechanic skills training or other activities that improve the community. In order to register for the "Earn-a-Bici" you need to come to one of our open community workshops and sign-up.
  • Due to the lack of a neighborhood bike shop SF Bike Shop Bicis Del Pueblo has established a time where the public can come and repair/maintain their own bike or learn about bike repair while we prepare bikes for our bike programs
  • Bicis Del Pueblo also is dedicated to making sure that information and conversations about bike safety, rules of the road, and local group rides is provided to residents of the Excelsior so they become safe avid riders
  • Bicis Del Pueblo is a group that will help the residents of the Excelsior advocate the city and other governing bodies to demand safe infrastructures in their neighborhood. We have collected the data and have found that the Excelsior neighborhood and Distrci11 have not benefited from the significant monetary and resource investments by the city in cycling infrastructure. A draft of the paper can be read here City and County of San Francisco: Profile of the Existing Bicycle Infrastructure in District 11 and the Excelsior Neighborhood